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Time to update the blog again...after like an eternity

I always start a blog and never keep up with it. I will post one time and then forget about it and then update the blog six months later hoping everyone still wants to know what’s going on in my life. I live in a false reality about who really cares about my life. Like…don’t get it twisted. I’m not depressed or sad or pitiful or anything. I just genuinely don’t live in the social media reality most days. I’m all like, “I’ve written 6 books! Why doesn’t anyone care???!!!” and then I like…don’t even market my books because I fell down into a sad author hole somewhere. So…just forgive me, okay?

So…I might be the only one reading these and that’s totally okay. I’m doing this as kind of a discipline thing. I want to share stories with you. And recipes and ideas and travel pics and adventures and silly things.

Will I be able to keep up with this? I don’t know.

We’ll see.

Also, FYI, this website has my soon-to-be new name on it. This was a quandary. Did I keep Lawson for my books or change to Krogh? So…I’m going with this. Lawson stays on my previously published works and Krogh goes on any new published works. I guess. Does that work? Can it work? Should I just change everything over to Krogh??? I don’t know!!!!


P.S. Buy my books. They’re cute. I’m not posting a link. They’re on amazon under Mandy Lawson. K? K.

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